2020 National Old Paths Conference

September 21 - 24, 2020

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Northwest Bible Baptist Church | Elgin, IL
Dr. Keith Gomez

Are you tired of the “New” Independent Baptist Movement?

Have some of the fundamentalists you know started to lean left in their music, standards, and church atmosphere? It’s time to return to the Old Paths of Bible Christianity.

Come to a Baptist conference where soulwinning, separation, and the “non-essentials” are preached and lived.




Keith Gomez


Phil Cavanaugh

Speakers to be Announced


The morning ministry sessions will be a help and a blessing to pastors, assistant pastors, and laymen alike. A vast array of subjects will be covered to correspond with current-day challenges that our local churches encounter. Wives of attending delegates have special sessions in the mornings just for them, taught by pastor's wives and ladies of Northwest Bible Baptist Church. In the evenings, everyone can benefit from old-fashioned, Holy Spirit-filled preaching that convicts the soul, encourages the heart, and refreshes the spirit.

Who We Are

The Old Paths Church Growth Conference is hosted annually by Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL, pastored by Dr. Keith Gomez.

Northwest Bible Baptist Church and its ministries are extensive and include its own Academy, Providence Baptist College, Kyte River Revival Campgrounds (Rochelle, IL), as well as extensive Sunday school, bus, nursing home, and soulwinning ministries, and a Spanish department just to name a few. It hosts this annual National Old Paths Church Growth Conference, a National Youth Conference and a Missions Conference.

In its present 16-acre location in the beautiful rolling countryside on Nesler Road in rural Elgin, Illinois, Northwest Bible Baptist Church continues to expand the ministries started under Dr. Gomez’ leadership and to add new outreaches that broaden with the horizon of his vision – all with the same right-living zeal and soulwinning passion that have served as its guiding themes over the years. The church, a Gospel lighthouse all over Chicago’s northwestern suburbs, now launches lifeboats for disadvantaged children with thirteen bus routes; for nursing home residents in eight locations; for thousands of homes in need of Christ; for hundreds of young men in two prisons; for Spanish-speaking folks with a distinct Spanish Department; and for the lost on over seventy home and foreign mission fields. Church members from ten different soul-winning groups rescue the perishing every day of the week. Preaching with zeal and fire from God’s Bible blueprint, Dr. Gomez’s dedicated determination has helped build this lighthouse that sheds its bright beam from Elgin to Rockford to Aurora to Chicago and every outlying region within reach.



Location: 9N889 Nesler Rd | Elgin, IL 60124

Contact: 847-695-6222 | events@nwbbc.com